Five tell-tale signs you are ready to smash your fitness goals this year
January 3, 2018

Almost everyone spends time to characterize their year by writing out certain things they aspire to achieve – whether they be in form of resolutions or goals, these changes may turn out to be the hallmark of the year for those who have understood how to make things work. Making these work is mostly where you would find the divide between the people that will end the year feeling triumphant and those disappointed. There is no doubt that attaining goals requires dedication, but even more important are the attributes highlighted below. Check on them and see which ones you are missing.

You are set to achieve your goals this year if:

1. You have drawn up smart goals and listed them where you can easily see them.
Acessing strategies for achieving your goals can be made easy when you have them spelt out where you can easily visualise them. Drawing up smart goals requires some sort of creativity, without which they may lack relevance.
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2. You have written out action plans to help you achieve your goals.
When you set goals without plans to achieve them, they become mere wishes. Spend time to create strategies that will enable you achieve your goals. Your action plans should be made of specifics – eliminate all forms of ambiguity by putting a timeline to every item and remember to make realistic estimations.

3. You have surrounded yourself with people who support your interests.
Surrounding yourself with people who will fuel your desire to succeed because they understand why those things are important to you can take the load off you significantly. Do you know what it means to have to stand up to people who think you are weird for desiring the things you do? It can get really frustrating if you have to do that too often and sometimes, may make you cave in. You may not be able to control the people you interact with all the time, but ensure that you have a safe place that you can always get to for the much needed support that you may find yourself seeking once in a while.

4. You have found people with similar interests
Equipping yourself with the right resources is very vital to success. You need to have an eye to discover those places that will help nurture your aspirations to keep you motivated and also give you tips to navigate the challenges you may encounter. Find a mentor, an accountability group, or a place that can serve you with the right information you need to succeed, even if all it really offers is an avenue for people to share their personal experiences.
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5. The last but certainly not the least would be you having the right mindset.
You have to believe that you can achieve your goals before setting out on a mission to make that a reality. Telling yourself that you can achieve your goals is a sure fire way to boost your confidence to help you stay motivated enough to achieve them.

I do hope you will look back at the end of 2018 with a sense of accomplishment and it all depends on what you do now, and of course, the rest of the year.

Do have a very rewarding year!