Six food options that will help you cut down on belly fat
June 7, 2017


When you talk about any aspect of fitness, you can never completely rule out the place of healthy eating . The reason for this is not far-fetched – your diet plays a huge role on your overall health and how you look. Knowing those foods that can help you optimize your goals of healthy living is highly beneficial. Remember to keep your diets balanced and keep the excess calories in check. Instead of starving, introduce those foods that can boost your metabolism, offer fewer calories and help you get rid of unwanted fats.

I am currently promoting the need and how to lose belly fat on the official Facebook page ( and thought it expedient to write about those foods that can help optimize your efforts. These foods listed below will satisfy your hunger without accumulating unnecessary fats on your waistline.

  1. Lean meat:

Lean cuts of meat have low levels of saturated fats and cholesterol, but are very good sources of protein. Proteins will keep you satiated while performing very important roles in the body. They have a lower fat content and therefore lower calorie content. Choose good meat sources and those portions that have less accumulation of fats.

  1. Sea -foods:

Most sea-foods are very good sources of lean protein.  They are also packed with minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

  1. Whole grains:

Whole grains are naturally low-fat and cholesterol free. They are good sources of carbohydrate but also offer loads of fibre and pytochemicals. They include brown rice, oats, barley, wheat, quinoa, etc.

  1. Fruits:

Fruits contain a lot of water and fibre, and because they have low calorie content, they are the perfect comfort food.  A lot of fruits are also used for detoxing because they boost metabolism. They can be thrown into a mix as salad, blended into smoothies, processed into juices; the tasty serving options also make for a smart option.

  1. Non-starchy vegetables:

Non-starchy vegetables can help you cut down belly fat by revving your metabolism. They are low in calories, contain essential nutrients and are rich in fibre.

  1. Egg whites:

Egg whites are especially very high in protein (thus will help with building muscle mass), but are very low in fat and generally low in calories. Depending on your goals, you might need to check your overall consumption of whole eggs as the yolk has a high cholesterol content.

However, don’t forget that it is important to keep your diets balanced while you take those nutrients that do not enhance your goals in minimal quantities. Do not starve. Be creative with balancing your diets instead. Starving will be detrimental to your goals, eat, but always remember to eat in moderation.



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