April 2, 2017

“The Easy Way to Keeping Fit” by yours truly is finally here. The Easy Way to Keeping Fit is presented in an easily digestible yet succinct manner, aiming to address those concerns that promote the propagation of the sedentary lifestyle.

It is an insightful book created to inspire and educate people on the need to stay healthy and fit, while equipping them on the best ways of drawing up smart goals and achieving the set out goals.

It has different sections, aimed at targeting different concerns including; losing weight, gaining weight, getting results, as well as a chapter dedicated to answering those questions that are predominantly misconstrued, among others.

Here are a few excerpts from the book:
Usually when people hear about ‘keeping fit’ all they think about are expensive devices and so many visits to the gym. Sometimes, having to make the frequent visits to the gym can be stressful, time consuming, and more often than not, is one of the greatest deterrents. This simple book documents straight forward steps that you can follow to attain your fitness goals without having to spend huge bills on a personal trainer, a nutritionist, gym tickets, expensive equipment and the several other things you can think of. Staying healthy should be a primary concern for everybody, it is all in the simple lifestyle that you lead every day and this book aims to simplify the complex processes to it (Introduction, Page vi).

Keeping fit does not only give you physical power, it gives you mental power, as well as confidence (Chapter 1, Why Keep fit? Page 4).

To decrease the risk of falling sick, and losing out on the very things that we channel our energy and time to, we have to learn to keep our health needs at the forefront of our primary needs, otherwise we risk losing even more time, energy and other resources (Chapter 1, Why Keep fit? Page 4).

You can find details about the book here on this site which doubles as a resource for information and tips on sustaining a healthy lifestyle. On the official Facebook page, materials that help to keep you motivated will be curated. The page will also serve as an avenue to provide updates on the book, giveaways, discounted copies of the book and answers to those questions that may impede your personal journey to healthy living. Feel free to join the conversation at www.facebook.com/theeasywaytokeepingfit and send a message with your concerns.

We are looking forward to bringing this book to your doorsteps. Don’t forget to tell a friend about The Easy Way To Keeping Fit.

“The Easy Way to Keeping Fit”
By Jane Bernard

Publisher: Authorhouse UK
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 88 pages | ISBN 9781524635411
E-Book | 88 pages | ISBN 9781524635435
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble