Five critical healthy patterns you should build in your 20s
February 18, 2017

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I like to feel like the twenty something year old has a lot of time to make some critical decisions before he/she hits the thirties. When you are in your early twenties, you realize that you have less to worry about, which presents a lot of time that can be used to harness some strengths that will prove to be rewarding in the future. But considering ’30’ is the new ’20’ today, this is not restricted to those in their twenties after all. Experts will however tell you it is the best period when you can adopt some habits and stick to them. It is rather smart to use this formative period to build life long habits that you may not be able to force down later. You know what they say? “Practice makes perfect.” Now is the better time to practice than later. Let’s take a look at some of those habits you should be strengthening now rather than later.

Take care of your skin

This is the best time to find products that work for your skin and body. Experiment if you need to, you are more likely to get away with it now than later. Avoid excessive pulling on your skin and try to stay off products that clog your pores and weigh your skin down as much as you can.



Building endurance and strength only comes by practicing. You will benefit a whole lot by attaining a high level of cardio fitness, joint flexibility and muscular strength. With these, you can continue to keep a lifestyle of exercising when people of your age would more often than not be discouraged by excess fatigue that comes with aging and going through life’s demands.

Adopt a healthy sleep cycle

Find those important elements that help you relax better and try to stick with a good pattern. Chances are that if you build a good circadian rhythm now, your body will adapt to it and help you fall asleep faster when you get to those periods where you have a lot of worries that tend to induce insomnia.

Manage your weight

If you keep retaining fats, you are definitely going to keep adding weight as you grow. Try to keep the little amounts in check so it doesn’t get out of hand. People tend to add weight as they grow older. Don’t allow it to become overwhelming when you are least equipped to handle it.

Find a recreational activity

Find something you love and try to make it a part of you. It’s always good to know exactly how to relax to ease the excessive tension when the need arises. Find people that share similar interests as you and have them in your circles – you might not find it as easy to make friends when everyone is so busy with making ends meet later and the extra motivation usually helps. 

 Whatever you do, remember you are trying to build habits that will last a lifetime.
Keep fit and stay healthy.

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