Are you strategic about your goals for the new year?
January 6, 2017

JB OFFICIAL (4) (1)  I like to describe myself as a born strategist because I tend to find sustainable, effective and easy ways to go about the hardest tasks. I realized that planning helps to avert a lot of frustrations and I have utilized this effectively in several aspects of life. Whenever I want to achieve something, the first thing that comes to mind is setting up goals. Setting up goals in itself requires a little effort to ensure those goals are SMART enough to be achieved. If you are clueless about how to set goals that will help you achieve more this year, here are a few tips that you will find extremely helpful:

  •  Be specific: It starts with outlining your goals. Do not leave them in your head. Take the time out to define them and write them out. Keeping a visual representation somewhere where you can easily see them helps to keep you focused.


  • Be realistic: It is great to think big, but always ensure to set goals that are attainable. Do not try to out do yourself or you will end up stressing yourself and wanting to give everything up.


  • Be focused: Avoid distractions. There is nothing greater than your will. If you say no, nothing can stand in the way. All you need is to tell yourself what you really want and stick to it.


  • Be consistent: Your goals will change throughout the year, that is for sure; but make sure that they follow a certain pattern where they do not completely deviate from each other, hence the need to sit down and think things through otherwise you’ll see yourself using the early parts of the year to build something and somewhere along the line you realize that it is exactly the opposite of what you want and you spend the other half trying to destroy what you worked so hard to build.


  • Evaluate them: I strongly suggest that you find ways to make short term goals within long term ones. It could be weekly evaluations, monthly… but you definitely need something to help you monitor your progress. For instance, if you want to lose 50kg at the end of the year, break that down into weeks/months otherwise you will find yourself at the dawn of the 31st of December with unfulfilled desires.

Think you can adhere to these tips?

Have a rewarding 2017

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